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There is a sea change going on in the field of vascular surgery. There is an increasing trend in reliance on noninvasive vascular testing and endovascular interventions in the management of peripheral arterial disease. While traditional open surgical techniques provided good short and long-term results, these new innovative techniques give patients new potentially less invasive options with outpatient procedures, a shorter hospital stay and less patient discomfort.

We at Fayetteville Vascular and Vein Center, P.A. have totally embraced these new innovative technologies in the management of vascular patients. We provide noninvasive diagnosis, screening, and minimally invasive treatment of arterial, venous and lymphatic diseases using the latest state of the art imaging equipment. Vascular surgeons are the only physicians uniquely positioned through their training to provide you with both traditional open surgery and these newer minimally invasive endovascular techniques. We are equally well trained in the non-surgical management of vascular diseases, providing diagnosis, screening, and counseling for patients with vascular disorders.

We are your one stop shop for the management of vascular diseases. We evaluate every patient's unique medical circumstance and offer an individually tailored approach to vascular care based on the patient's specific needs. Using that approach, surgical, endovascular and medical options are reviewed with the patient and the family. Because we offer all these services, our recommendations are non-biased and guided solely by the patient’s specific needs.

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Dr. Leke

Meet Dr. Leke of Fayetteville Vascular and Vein Center, P.A.

Dr. Michael Leke is certified by the American Board of Surgery with added qualifications in general vascular surgery and has specialty training in endovascular surgery.

He is a member of the Society of vascular surgery, the American Venous Forum, the American College of surgeons, and the North Carolina Medical Association.